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Creations De Mano

Winter Wonderland Candle

Winter Wonderland Candle

Embodying the essence of a serene and enchanting winter landscape, the Winter Wonderland candle casts a spell of tranquility and wonder. The initial impression of crisp, frosted mint leaf and the subtle spice of coriander interlace, conjuring an invigorating freshness that mirrors the delicate dance of snowflakes in the air. As the fragrance deepens, the ethereal essence of snow flurries gracefully gives way to the soothing embrace of Arabian lavender and the grounding presence of cedarwood, creating an ambiance that seamlessly marries serenity and warmth. A subtle whisper of Baltic amber lends a touch of sophistication, infusing the scene with an alluring and comforting glow. Resting upon a base of majestic cypress and the invigorating scent of the wintergreen tree, intermingled with the smoky allure of vetiver, the Winter Wonderland candle encapsulates the essence of a picturesque winter scene, inviting you to embrace the magic and serenity of the season.

Room size recommendation: 

8oz candle Ideal for bathrooms  medium room, home office 

12oz Ideal for large bedrooms, entry way or large living room

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