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Wild Lavender & Sage Wax Melt

Wild Lavender & Sage Wax Melt

Wild Lavender and Sage is a soothing and rejuvenating fragrance that brings to mind the tranquility of a spa. The fragrance of herbs, lavender, and rosemary create a refreshing and calming aroma, while the a hint of wild sagebrush, patchouli, and hemp grass add an earthy and grounding element to the scent. The light fragrances of amber, musk, and dried bark provide a warm and comforting finish, making it perfect for relaxation and meditation. This fragrance is ideal for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your home or for use during massage or other body treatments. The blend of herbs, lavender, and patchouli creates a perfect balance of natural and soothing scents, making it a great choice for those who seek relaxation and rejuvenation. Overall, Wild Lavender and Sage is a beautiful and refreshing fragrance that brings a touch of nature's serenity into your life.
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